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Are You Tough Enough to Work
a Ski Season in the Alps?

7 April 2016 | Mri Grout

Though I never really found the appeal of skidding across snow on one's back, behind, and/or face, a lot of people tell me that skiing is actually awesome and that if I just keep going at it I'll love it just as much. Six hours on a nursery slope has me sticking to my previous beliefs.

But regardless, that is not what this article is about. This is about whether or not you can deal with the strain of a winter season in the Alps. So think you have what it takes? And what does that really mean anyway? Well, for starters...

1. Nothing is Done Efficiently...If It's Done At All

How easy is it to count how many sheets are in a bag and then write that number down? To copy information from one sheet to another? To tidy up a room quickly? For deliveries to arrive on time? For them to actually have what you want? All really freakin' hard it turns out. And all that stuff that doesn't get done before your shift is over? It doesn't just stay there until tomorrow...

2. You Will Be Required to Work Far More Than is Legal

Nope, you have to finish it before you're allowed to go, so good luck getting off when you're 'supposed' to. And once it starts picking up and people still don't know what they're doing because it's run like a house of monkeys, you'll end up working around 60+ hours a week, including on your days off. English law claims you're not allowed to work more than 48 a week. And if you think it's okay because you'll getting paid for it. Well...

3. You Will Not Work for Minimum Wage

Don't bother doing the maths. You already know it's going to be below minimum wage so why bother depressing yourself after a hard day's work? Though I guess if you really want to feel the pain, then try figuring out how much more you lose working a season instead of just going on holiday for a month before going to find a proper paying job. Yes, I realize one month is way shorter than the five or six you'll get to spend out there during a season, but with only two days off a week, you'll be looking at 40-48 possible ski days during that time. IF the weather wants to play ball and IF you get even get those two days off.

But so what, right? You'll just complain and tell them that it's inhuman to work you this much. After all, it's not like they can do anything because hey, it's illegal. Ha!

4. Turns Out Your Job Security is Non-Existent

Nope, you're fired. And given your accommodation is included in the job...well then you're packing up with only eight hours notice to get out and figure just where exactly it is you're going. Gotta love a ski season.

And even if they can't/won't fire you, they can and will do other 'unspeakable' acts. Like deny you your ski pass for a week. Just for showing up three minutes late. Once.

And yes, we actually met the guy that happened to. He was not happy to say the least.

But then the Alps look like this, so...

If you think you can handle all of the above and that you could still find the time and energy to throw into skiing or walking the Alps or whatever else you fancy, then sure, why not go for it? The Alps are still beautiful and amazing even after you're all frustrated and ragged out from work.

And besides who knows, maybe you'll have a much better experience than we did. (: Good luck! Trust me, you'll want it.

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Have you worked a ski season? Was it worth it or were you counting down the days? We'd love to hear all about your experience in the comments below!