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1. is a Blog

In case you didn't already know, this entire website ( is a blog. I tell you this not because I think you're stupid, but because I read a few of those 'how to write a disclaimer' posts and they said I should add that. So that was me adding it.

2. Everything Written on Here is A Personal Opinion

I'm not a doctor, scuba diver instructor, hotel inspector or anything else that requires any kind of qualified skillset. I'm just me - an average girl who likes to travel cheaply and has a few opinions on how she does it. Nothing on here should be taken as anything other than that - well, except for other people's comments, guest blogs, and ads; that stuff's not mine. And my apologies for the latter, but they're only on here because my husband says I can't travel by living on the streets and barely eating like I used to, so got to make some money somehow if I want to keep traveling, which I do. Also, me traveling means you get all of this awesome non-expertise information, so it's really benefiting all of us here if you think about it.

All of the product, hostel, and other reviews on here, however (including paid, unpaid, freely supplied, or nicely forced down my throat at gunpoint) are still 100% my opinion. I hate being mean, so I will try to politiely say if I product sucks, but I will still actually say it. Anyone who knows me personally can back this claim up.

3. Opinions, However, Can & Do Change

People grow, especially when they're on the road and I've been on it for a while. I'm not the same girl that left the States all those years ago. I don't give the same weird looks to vegetarians that I used to and I don't have the same opinions about the gun culture in America (though I still find shooting to be really fun; just feel that the gun laws should be tighter and for those of you that will call me un-American for this: I'm fine with that. I'd much rather be pro-earth instead of just pro-single country anyway and you would too if you got out and traveled more so browse away! :). But back to the point: my opinions will change over time and those alterations (whatever they might be) will be evident in my future writings.

4. Don't Blame Us if You Get Eaten by a Shark

This blog is written with the hope of inspiring people to travel and one of the ways does that is by writing about some awesome stuff we've done like swimming with sharks outside of a cage, exploring some about-to-fall down places, and any other sketchy stuff you will find on I think it's great if you follow in my footsteps; not so great if you get hurt in the process and then try to sue me all because you read about me staying in the car with not-the-safest hitchhiking ride and then stupidly decided to do the same, but lo and behold he turned out to be a full-on psychopath and ate your toes. I mean, we're barely making peanuts as it is - a quote I don't really get because if anyone's actually tried to buy peanuts, they're freaking expensive, but whatever, you get my point.

I'm just supplying un-professional, not-always-right (either in accuracy or completeness), and opinianated information (including when writing reviews; again, not a qualified anything). What you decide to do with it is up to you and is not liable for any consequences (good or bad or anything in between) that occur from you doing so.

5. Everything on is Protected by Copyright

So if anyone wants to use any of our work (including but not limited to our writings and photography), then send us a message of request at [email protected] - and no that isn't a type-o. There's now a 's' in our name due to some jerk of a company buying up our original domain when we made a free website six months before we decided to branch out properly. So instead of letting them win, I just added an 's' to it...well, that and all that lovey dovey married now so there's two of us crap.

6. We Won't Sell Any of Your Info Unless It's to Barter for the Souls of Our Children

Just being honest here. But luckily for you we don't have any children or nemeses that would try to steal our eggs/sperm, fertalize them/use them to do so, wait nine months, and then use the following offspring to barter with your information that we somehow collect. However, if a third party (like an ad) somehow manages to steal your information, then if I could figure out how to access their information...oh no wait, Google says I'm not actually allowed to do that legally, so just 'sorry' then.

7. Has the Right to Change Things as We See Fit

This includes but is not limited to taking down all of and changing all of its content (including but not limited to into dinosaur gifs laying eggs, cheap or costly travel options, a random woman screaming, and the cutest animals you ever did see) this diclaimer, and terms of use. I'm not really sure why I have to write that though given it's our site so you would think that would be automatically covered, but I guess not. It was another one of those things I was recommended to write so again, I did.

8. Your Writing is Yours - Even the Hate Mail

The public comments are for all to see so that's entirely on you, but if you send us a message in any private way (ie: FB messenger, email, etc) then we won't go sharing it without your permission - which I may occassionally ask for because people say funny and amazing things. Obviously, this does not apply if we're legally forced to share it. Or again, to barter for the souls of our children.

By using this site you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

About Mri Grout

feeding giraffes at Orana Wildlife Park in ChristchurchI got fed up with the 'real world' after having my couch cushions stolen by my drug-dealing roommate's client after his actions already lead to the trashing of our shared appartment by the local gang. So after finally understanding the whole: 'you've got one life and you can die at any moment' thing, I packed my bags, dropped out of school, quit my job, and left to hang out with the homeless people of Australia.

You can find the rest of my adventures at Our Voyages.

About Rob Grout

feeding giraffes at Orana Wildlife Park in ChristchurchHe's not much of a writer so I, Mri Grout, wrote this for him.

Despite having a comfortable life with an easy job and a cheap house to live in because I lived with my mum and gran, I left all of that behind for this crazy Asian woman that kept popping up at the house every few months, then weeks, then days, and then every minute. I'd never really been out of England at this point except for the occasional family holiday and then all of a sudden, with very little planning, I'm living in a van half way around the world. It was pretty awesome, but no point going into the details here as you can read all about it in Our Voyages.

About Lifelong Vagabonds

lifelong vagabonds logo of awesomenessThis site was voted to be the best free travel attractions blog of all time by my imaginary friend, Reaping Tom, who is NOT to be confused with his pervert of a brother. It also offers something no other blog in the entire freaking universe does (dun, dun DUNNNNN!): use as a top-of-the-notch flyswatter. However, please note that we are not liable for any damaged laptops, phones, ereaders, or other electronic devices used to access this blog's perfect flyswatting ability; after all, it's not our fault if you haven't mastered the precise flick of the wrist needed to use this product correctly. But in addition to all of this, is also devoted to its readers (up to a point) and is here for the sole purpose of inspiring other people to get out and see the world on some amazing adventure. We work to motivate the 99% to discover the beauty of traveling because it doesn't have to be only for the rich and famous. Traveling on a budget is possible and its our goal to show you how. So see you on the road...if you don't die first.