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Hostel Review: Le Petit Tournesol

The living room in the area we rented housed a two person couch, a small fridge, a half-sized bookshelf full of novels of many different genres (mostly romance, but a few thrillers, fantasies, and sci-fis), and a freaking display of Roman armour! There wasn't a TV, but the place was like stepping into a museum where you could touch everything and the hosts were well up for a chat so we never even missed it.

The public living room was adjacent to the kitchen (which isn't available for use) and next to the dining room table. The table itself was huge, but there were also two other chairs in the living room, offering many sitting places to choose from.

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How to Vote For US Elections When Abroad

Any Americans traveling or living overseas that still want to vote for any upcoming US elections? Any children of American citizens that were born abroad and are now over 18 years of age that also want their voices heard? Do you no longer have an address in the United State and think because of this that you can no longer vote?

Well, actually, you don't need a current US address to vote from abroad and if you're the child of a parent from one of the select 37 states then you can vote too. So make sure you keep making your voice heard by requesting ballots for all upcoming elections every year.

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Airbnb Friend Invite Credit & Review

Airbnb free coupon, friend invite discount

This isn't just a 'sign up to Airbnb so I can get £25' (though by using this link you get the same free credit too). There are actually a few things I don't like about Airbnb, which I mention in this review of it, but for the most part I think it is worth signing up to - especially if you like staying a few nights in one place. Many hosts offer weekly and monthly discounts that when used, make those listed on Airbnb nearly half the cost of big name budget hostels. There's also the added security of its members being required to upload a photo of national ID (like a passport or driving license).

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Help! My US Passport Was Stolen Abroad

passport stolen abroad

The soonest slot available to book an appointment at a US Embassy or Consulate is normally a week away, so try to book for your new passport as soon as possible. If, however, you book one and then realize that you cannot make it for whatever reason, DO NOT FORGET TO CANCEL SAID APPOINTMENT. The consequences of failing to do so can be ridiculously severe, like being forced to wait another 6 weeks before you can schedule another one...

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Almost Arrested for Not Having a Passport in Spain


First we get robbed of nearly everything, but they're nice enough to leave the car and a tent.

Then, not even a month later and just two days before we're planning on leaving Spain for good, the car gets taken by the police!!!! BECAUSE when we got robbed they took our passports and it doesn't freaking matter that we have appointments to get knew ones!!! But I'm not typing this from a Spanish jail so gotta count our blessings somehow...because otherwise I'm gonna explode.

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Hostel Review: Hostel La Esteponera

The microwave was broken and taped to one setting, but it did still work. There was also a fridge available for use, and some cutlery, cups, plates, and bowls. Free coffee and tea also seemed to be on offer, but the sweetest thing I found was that they cleaned your plates and cups for you. The layout of the tables allowed for easy talking to other guests and in the one night we stayed there we had two different conversations with some friendly, English-speaking strangers.

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The Galaxy's Guide to Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking thumb

As unfortunate as it to have be judged based on your appearance, unless you travel with a loud speaker there’s just no other way to tell people that you’re carefree, innocent, laid back, non-threatening, and friendly. So to do this non-verbally you must wear bright and happy colors. You smile as if chatting with a friend. You put your backpack somewhere drivers can easily see it and thus label you as a traveler. You hide your blood soaked axe and crazy eyes behind a innocent-looking female. You uncover your face and stand with your legs shoulder-width apart so you seem open and trustworthy.

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How to Write a Kick-ass Couchsurfing Request

lifelong vagabonds couchsurfing on a boat

I’ve used Couchsurfing in a few different countries over the years and have 98% of the time found a willing host within two or three requests. I was a bit surprised to find that this wasn’t the normal ‘waiting time’ if you will, but after becoming a host myself that surprise has lessoned greatly. The enthusiasm I started out with when I first checked my inbox for requests has nearly disappeared into a depressing pit of dismay; so here I am trying to get that enthusiasm back by showing you how to write a kick-ass couchsuring request.

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