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Visiting the US?
Learn if YOU Need Bearspray

10 June 2017 | Mri Grout - A Lifelong Vagabond

The United States has a solid population of black bears and grizzlies on both sides of the country, so if you're visiting any of the mountains here you have a chance, however small, of running into a terrifying bear. There is obviously less chance of seeing a wild grizzly if you just stay inside the main cities of America, but even then you might run into one of these powerful creatures when traveling between them. And if this ever happens, you can bet that you'll want some bearspray at your hip, especially since it's been proven to be the most effective defense against bears and thus, increases your chance of surviving a bear attack.

However, bear attacks are fairly rare and buying bearspray is expensive (though not as costly as a trip to the hospital). Not to mention though, that purchasing a new can is extremely wasteful given you can't take it on a plane nor really recycle it even if it's never been fired (which is the most likely scenario). So if you're visiting the US and want to know when and where you need bearspray, then check out this simple 'do I need bearspray' flowchart.

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