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Where to Send UK Spouse Visas
for Different Countries

02 September 2017 | Mri Grout - A Lifelong Vagabond

Where to send your UK Spouse Visa application and supporting documents will vary for each country. This is a partial list that I have compiled, but I CANNOT GUARANTEE it is 100% accurate, especially since things like this are updated/changed from time to time. I have tried my hardest to research everything thoroughly, but with something so important as this, I would highly recommend you double checking everything you read in here as well as in my Complete Guide to the UK Spouse Settlement Visa Process with the government website of your country.

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Where to Send UK Spouse Visa Applicants When Applied From:

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand:

UK Visas and Immigration International
Po Box 5852
S11 0FX


International Operations and Visas 6 Millsands
Vulcan House
S3 8NH
United Kingdom

For other countries, I am still researching, but they don't make it easy to find. Nevertheless, you can always apply at Visa Application Centers, which seemingly send everything off for you. Some places even offer a scanning service so you can keep your original documents (don't know if this means you don't have to pay to ship things to them). The VAC in your country can be found at VFS Global. I have not personally used one.

If you still cannot find where to send your UK spouse visa at the start of your application, don't worry as you should be given this information somewhere throughout. I was able to see this information as soon as I received a GWF number, which I then used to log into VFS Global under my specific country. I was also sent an email with it after completing my online application, as well as a hard copy at my biometrics appointment.

For when you can finally go on vacation after the UK spouse visa process is over:

Where to Send UK Spouse Visa Applicants comments: