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Urban Exploring at a Church
in Gary, Indiana

27 July 2017 | Mri Grout - A Lifelong Vagabond

CHURCH Indiana
Urban exploring at the City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana (as well as three other locations) is legal with a $50 permit per photographer/day (models are supposedly free). This is issued by the city and can be bought by calling their home office at (219) 944-1201.

Built in 1926 at the start of Gary's founding, then abandoned in 1975 not even thirty years later, this City Methodist Church has seen years of harsh decay and so is not for the inexperienced urban explorer. Ceilings have partially collapsed, floors are unstable in a few (if not all) areas, and some places are gone entirely. Not to mention, the church ruins are smack dab in the center of Gary, Indiana (which itself has a fairly cautious don't-stay-after-dark reputation) and the entrances are all overlooked by carparks. However, entering by day is still a possibility for the brash and those that do will be rewarded with amazing views of this urban exploring mecca.

History of the City Methodist Church

Urban Exploring at Gary's Abandoned Church

The abandoned church has three floors, a basement, and a tower in which to go urban exploring in. However, exploring the basement is more than risky and the entrance to the tower definitely isn't for the faint-hearted or physically weak as the ladder eroded away years ago. Now you must climb a rope that was attached by an anonymous urban explorer (our source does not know this person personally and so cannot vouch for the safety of its attachment) that's probably six or seven feet off the nearest ledge (not the floor).

Urban exploring at abandoned church in Gary, Indiana grafitti near staircase

Permission to use the above photos was given to this site only.

Directions to City Methodist Church

The ruins of City Methodist Church are easily viewed from outside of the poorly erected fence and is still worth a stop for those just wanting a peek into the history of Gary, Indiana. It takes about 15 minutes to marvel at from outside the holed and gaping fence and roughly an hour to explore it on the inside.

Free street parking at this urban exploring mecca is available directly across the church. There are also two parking lots on either side of it, both probably free though uncertain for sure.

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