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Traveling is Possible Interview Series

If you think traveling is easy, if you think traveling is only for the well off, if you think traveling is only for the citizens of first world countries, well we're all here to tell you those are all just alternative facts. Traveling is possible. For me and for you - you just have to realize the truth of it and this series is the open truth.

"I basically had no idea what I was doing and I felt scared. Let’s just say that I wasn’t feeling very confident my first two days in Thailand." - Alana

"With my husband miserable at his job and our apartment lease about to expire, we realized that our dream of taking a big trip was now or never." - Anna Daugherty

"That feeling of walking into a strange hostel, checking in, and then sitting down on your bed... alone for the first time... I can remember every single second. I heard strange accents in the corridor outside. I saw bags lay open with filthy clothes inside. The smell was a heady mix of sweat and disinfectant. I was most definitely out of my comfort zone... and I didn't like it. The crazy thing though? I was happy to finally get home... but then within days of being home I was desperate to get back out. And when I did (around 6 months later to Spain) I was a new man. I was finally in my element." - Fray

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