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Want to write for Lifelong Vagabonds, but can't think of or have time for a full length guest post? Then why not help us out with one of our collaborations! We'll link to ALL of your social media accounts (unless stated otherwise), as well as to your home page and one relevant blog post if there is one. Photos must be a minimum of 700px wide unless stated otherwise. Just email or Facebook us your submission before the deadlines listed and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to let you know we got it.

Our Current Collaboration

Our current collaboration is: How We Overcame Our Travel Fears

  • Description: What were you worried about when you first thought about traveling afar and how were your fears put to rest when you finally started traveling? For instance, I was afraid of getting into a dangerous situation due to my own naivity...that and being murdered by serial killers and drop bears. However, I've now grown into a very capable woman that can fend off drop bears and run away from serial killers!
  • Sentence Count: 150-250 words
  • Deadline: 18 December 2017
  • Posting Date: 01 January 2018

Previous Collaboration Posts:

Our Ongoing Collaborations

These collaborations are always going on, so whenever you feel like submitting your entry just go for it!

Traveling is Possible Series

1. Traveling is Possible Series

  • Description: A series of interviews from travelers all over the world and from all backrounds in order to show how traveling truly is possible. It's not just the rich nor the citizens of first world countries that are able to take off and see the world; it's also regular people like you and me. I'm looking for travelers of all ages, of all experiences, and of all budgets. So if you're keen on helping to motivate others, whether you've traveled only once for a single weekend just one county over from home or are still on your decades long trip around the world, I would love to host your story on Lifelong Vagabonds. Let's show the world that traveling is possible for everyone and make a more accepting world because of it.
  • Posting Date: To be decided, but will try to do it within a week of getting your submission. However, due to staggering out our Facebook feed, we might not be scheduling your post to share for a few weeks afterwards.
  • Download the questions as a .docx file, .odt file, or pdf.

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