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The 6 Most Jaw-Dropping
Wild Swimming Holes in New England

21 August 2017 | Mri & Rob Grout - Lifelong Vagabonds

Despite the stunning, jaw-dropping beauty of these free wild swimming holes in New England, one must always remember to not get carried away by them before entering. There aren't any lifeguards at any of these natural swimming spots and some of them can be very dangerous when entered in the wrong conditions; too many people a year die in a few as well. So remember to always be safe and swim at your own risk. Better yet, never swim anywhere without seeing a local safely swim in it first.

For all of these free wild swimming holes, the quietest time to visit is in the morning before the rush of travelers and locals arrive. So if you're looking for a gorgeous dip, an adrenaline-spiked jump, or just a free beautiful day out in nature, then definitely check out one (or all) of these 6 most jaw-dropping wild swimming holes in New England, USA.

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6. Vernon, New York

free wild swimming hole in Vernon New York

A gorgeous wild swimming hole in Vernon, New York is located within only a short minute walk from the park. A cascading waterfall lunges over natural rock steps that you can sit on before dipping into a refreshing pool that's around 4-6 feet deep (though this depth varies depending on the day's stream). It then quickly shallows out, making it a perfect swimming spot to splash the day away with any kids.

5. Lincoln, Vermont

This beauty of a swimming hole is found to the west of Lincoln, Vermont about one mile past the honesty box, self-serve vegetable stand. A small pull-in on the left crowded with cars is the only marker of this free wild swimming hole, but if you drive in from Middlebury, you'll probably spot a few sunbathers and/or jumpers high up on the cliffs first. Many locals choose to jump into the pool below the powerful waterfall, but for those unwilling to take the twenty foot plunge off a perfectly stable cliff, you can always opt to enter this jaw-dropping wild swimming hole in Lincoln, Vermont by jumping off the mere fifteen foot ledge. Haha, or simply wade in from the shallow end about a thirty seconds' walk downstream.

4. Fabyan, New Hampshire

free wild swimming hole in Fabyan New Hampshire called the Upper Falls of Ammonoosuc River

To the east of Fabyan, New Hampshire hides another jaw-dropping wild swimming hole called the Upper Falls of Ammonoosuc River that's free to the public. It's located on Base Station Rd and marked with a large signpost warning about the dangers of and lives lost within the swimming hole. So note that when the Ammonoosuc River runs strong, a fatal whirlpool can lurk beneath its surface due to an underwater 'tunnel.' Aka: NEVER swim at the Upper Falls of Ammonoosuc River by yourself and definitely do not jump in without seeing someone else safely do it first.

3. Bryon, Maine

Somehow despite being directly off the main road through Bryon, Maine this quarter mile long free swimming spot is barely noticed by passing travelers. A green metal fence is erected between the parking lot and the rocks, but no large signs call attention to the jaw-dropping wild swimming hole known as Coos Canyon. So the insane cliff jumps, constant string of swimming pools, and ending section of rock slides lie wonderfully secret from the major, polluting crowds of tourism.

2. Ketchum, Maine

free wild swimming hole in Ketchum Maine

Tucked away on a dirt road north of a barely-there town is a series of wild swimming holes connected by waterfalls and streams. The first lies beneath a twelve foot waterfall (the tallest) and is entered in one of three ways: scrambling down the rope to the right of the falls, jumping off one of the 10-15 foot ledges neighbouring the falls, or sliding down the waterfall itself. Further down the stream you'll find other wild swimming holes that are catered more to actual swimming and less to any kind of jumping mayhem.

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1. Warren, Vermont

This crazily packed wild swimming hole south of Warren, Vermont is still easily the most gorgeous free swimming spot on this list. Offering at least five different ledges of varying heights to jump off from and into two seperate crystal clear pools, as well as a rock slide opportunity into yet another one, Warren Gorge is not a wild swimming hole that you want to miss. A very small, always packed parking lot is available at the trailhead, so if you have anything bigger than your average pick-up truck, you'll have to find roadside parking outside of it.

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