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I was determined to travel. It didn't matter that I came from a working class family nor that I was sleeping out of my car at this point in order to pay for university. It didn't matter that I would be forced to get on that plane on my own nor that I was born a 'more fragile' gender that needed protecting, and a skinny 5'2" one at that. It didn't matter that I didn't have any solid plans on what to do when I finally got to Australia nor any idea of what to do when I got back home. I was going and that was that.

And it is this strong goal-orientation (or sheer stubbornness as my husband would say), that will make hiring me a beneficial, stress-free decision.

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Have a Product Reviewed by Us

Despite our focus on free travel attractions and things to do, Lifelong Vagabonds believes strongly in setting off on an adventure with the right gear for the job. We look for quality made products that will not only stand up to the hard lifestyle of a traveler, but will also be worth their weight when carried up to the summit of a mountain.

Every product reviewed will be done so with 100% honesty. It will then be shared across our Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter feed. We will provide all photos for the review ourselves and include at least one backlink to your product from within the article. This, and any other link, will be a do follow, permanent link for the lifetime of the site because we are serious about sticking by our reviews.

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Fee: free product (inc. shipping)

Have Your Accommodation Reviewed by Us

The best thing about visiting free travel attractions and things to do, is you don't have to skimp out on accommodation. Here at Lifelong Vagabonds, we take pleasure in getting a proper night's sleep so that we may fully enjoy tomorrow's delights. So if you have a hostel, hotel, B&B;, or any other accommodation you would like reviewed and published to an international readerbase, we are interested in hearing from you.

For this service, we will review your accommodation with 100% honesty, ranking our experiences within 10 categories. These include the comfortableness of the bedroom, strength of the wifi, and quality of the cleanliness. We will then average the rankings to give an overall figure. However, if you do not offer one of these experiences, then that category will simply not be counted. This creates a fair review as it does not rely on our sole personal feelings alone.

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Fee: free product (inc. shipping)

Have a Free Attraction Reviewed by Us

We're the only travel site that focuses mainly on promoting free travel attractions and things to do around the world. All we ask is to have our travel expenses covered.

In return, we will write up a high quality, honest review of your attraction as well as include it on any of our lists concerning free things to do in your area. We will take all the necessary photos and provide at least one permanent, do-follow backlink to your website (if applicable) within the writing of the article. We will then share the post on our Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter feed, which all add up to reach over an average of 11,000 people a month.

We only accept reviews on free attractions, but those that request, not require, a donation are also accepted.

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Hire Mri Grout as a Freelance Writer £70

Lifelong Vagabonds might focus solely on travel related articles, but its main blogger, Mri Grout, will write about everything under the sun. She is a professional hire that works well on a schedule and to specific demands. Her posts will feature the desired key words and phrases multiple times throughout the article, but it will be done so in a natrual flow. Her experience lies mostly within the categories of travel, school studies, and wildlife; however, she has knowledge of many subjects.

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Pay to Publish a Guest Post on Our Site £50

If you are a quality writer that is looking to be published, Lifelong Vagabonds is always looking for new content. Irregardless of whether you're an amateur or a professional writer, as long as you can write to high standards then we're accepting. However, we only publish guest posts that fit our theme of free travel attractions, budget travel tips, and motivational travel posts. The best way to tell if your post idea fits our theme is to check out the posts on our site.

Any links included in the article are always do-follow. Payment also guarantees that the guest post stays published on Lifelong Vagabonds for the entire lifetime of the site. However, we retain the right to place non-intrusive advertisements and affiliate links of our own throughout the article. All guest posts will have to meet our standards of quality writing and any links included will have to be necessary to the post.

If we agree to publish your post, then we will also share it across all of our media sites, including our Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter feed.

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Thanks for visiting Lifelong Vagabonds! By viewing our ads you're helping us share more free travel attractions from around the world!

Anyone can purchase an advertisement space on any page of Lifelong Vagabonds. However, each ad will always be mentioned as such in a way similar to the above fashion and there will be a limit of six advertisements per page with a guideline of one ad per two paragraphs. Pop up ads or any other invasive ads are not allowed so as not to ruin any reader experiences. If at any time, we find the ads paid for have been changed in manner or redirection, then we have the right to remove the ad without notice nor refund.

We offer link placement ads, banner ads, and square ads as seen above.

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