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6 Experienced Travelers Share Their
First Fears of Traveling

01 January 2018 | Mri Grout | Collaboration Post

Do you dream of traveling, but are worried about getting lost or into trouble, about traveling on your own or how you could take a gap year without ruining your future? Do you wish you had the courage of experienced travelers as we gallop around the world with nary a fear of the unknown?

Well, you have that courage already. I remember standing in line at passport control for the first time, shaking in my shoes looking for a sign telling me not to go. I remember getting on the plane, psyching myself out that I was totally going to die if I went through the ordeal of traveling through Australia on my own. Because believe it when I tell you that we 'experienced travelers' were all once afraid to travel and all for different reasons.

But when the world calls to you and your dreams beg to be just have to take a deep breath and plunge forward. So come on in this year; the water is warm.

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1. I Was Afraid of Getting Lost

traveling unafraid by Our Escape Clause

Kate | Our Escape Clause
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Before I traveled abroad for the first time at 22, by far the thing that I was most intimidated by was transportation: from hailing taxis to figuring out bus schedules, I was constantly nervous about getting stuck in a destination, getting lost, and not being able to get from my intended point A to point B.

This was exacerbated by the fact that I was raised solidly in the suburbs: with the exception of one taxi ride when I was around ten and one subway ride on a trip to Washington DC around age fourteen, I had never experienced public transportation of any kind before traveling abroad. Once I got a handful of countries under my belt, though, that fear completely evaporated: subway systems? No problem! Bus schedules? Well, someone will always be there if I have questions. Taxis? Just know the going rate ahead of time.

Now, I’ve been across the world in everything from tuk tuks to airplanes, shuttle buses to chicken buses, taxis to collectivos. These days, when I’m not sure how to get from one fairly major tourist hotspot to another, I operate on the assumption that obviously enough travelers have had this problem that some enterprising business will have come up with a solution.

Next up on the list? I may try hitchhiking one day… maybe. No promises.

3. I Was Worried Over Familial Obligations

traveling unafraid by Travel With Maria

Maria Beltran | Travel With Maria
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My biggest fear is not about the rapists and killers when I travel. It is actually how I can sustain my life financially on the road for as long as I can. Growing up as the breadwinner, it's always a struggle to pursue my passion to travel over familial obligations. An out of town weekend trip costs already a month's expenditure for my family's food alone. How much more for every trip abroad? However, I never gave up on both. I seriously honed my blogging skills and used it to work with brands I love. Now, I travel more (and free) than before because of sponsored trips. I also gave up my boring desk job in favor of freelance life. I get paid doing virtual assistance, social media management and writing. The best part of this is I can work anywhere with an Internet connection. I just recently did volunteering works in hostels in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I saved so much from accommodations and food by doing so. I think moving forward, I will be a Workawayer for my next trips. This means, more chances of traveling and proving myself there's nothing impossible to someone who works hard for his/her dreams to come true.

But in the end, we were brave enough to fly and here we all are - still alive, well, and knowledgable travelers ready for the next adventure.

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