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Cycling From Moab to Gateway
Via Manti-La-Sal

2 May 2017 | Mri Grout

Distance: 87km/54MElevation Gain: 2184m/7165ft
Steepest Grade Up: 16.5%Elevation Loss: 2360m/7743ft
Cars: A LittleAmenities: No
Shoulder: NoneRoad: Dirt, Gravel, Paved

Things to Know Before Cycling Over Manti-La-Sal

  • All of this information is from one day in April. Prepare for a busier scene during high season, whenever that may be.
  • Once you leave Moab's Scenic Loop, the number of cars drops from 'a little' to full on 'rare.' As in we saw three cars in the one day it took us to ride from the Dinosaur Tracks and into Gateway.
  • After leaving Moab, there won't be any water, food, or other real amenities until you reach Gateway, Colorado. However, there are a few long drop toilets along the way, but they're few and far inbetween.
  • There are a few streams running through Manti-la-sal, but they might not be flowing all year round. We simply don't know the area well enough to say for sure; however, when we cycled from Moab to Gateway in April 2017 we did find enough water sources in which to fill up in.
  • You will probably need to check the temperature of your brakes as you go down Gateway Canyon via John Brown Rd; we had to let our rim brakes cool down three times.
  • Almost immediately after the dinosaur tracks at Manti-La-Sal, the road turns from nice pavement into gravel, then soft dirt a few miles away from the Utah-Colorado border. There isn't a 'welcome' sign here, but the road conditions do change from dirt to rougher dirt-torn-up-road.
  • At the intersection of the Loop Rb. and North End-Taylor Flat Road, there is about four miles of fenced off private property. However, anything not fenced is public land and you're allowed to pitch a tent there for free. Private land runs again from the start of the gravel tracks to the top of Gateway Canyon.
  • The stunning view of Gateway Canyon will make the two mountain climbs and tough riding required to cycle from Moab, Utah to Gateway, Colorado way worth it. John Brown Road is even dotted with numerous free primitive campsites near Gateway, such as the gorgeous one seen in the photo.
cycling route from moab utah to gateway colorado via manti-la-sal

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