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Secret Canyon Hike in Rio Chicamo

5 August 2016 | Mri Grout - A Lifelong Vagabond

This 3 kilometres, return secret canyon hike in Rio Chicamo is one of our favourite free things to do around Alicante, Spain. It offers a large amount of shade in the form of a bamboo forest and tall cliffsides, meaning that it can be undertaken even in the scorching summer months of July and August. Though not wheelchair accessible, the path is relatively flat and would be easy hiking for little kids so the whole family can enjoy this free attraction in Rio Chicamo. Even better is that on one end of this hike and less than a kilometre from the road is a beautifully chill, uncrowded, and free wild swimming hole that offers great relief from the harsh Spanish heat.

Trail Directions for Canyon Hike in Rio Chicamo

  1. Start at GPS Coordinates: 38.2600980, -1.0023930 and head down towards the Rio Chicamo River.
  2. Follow one of the paths along the river (don't worry which side you pick as there are numerous crossings along the way if needed) for about 1.5 kilometres until you reach the wild swimming hole of Rio Chicamo. During this time you will be weaving your way through a bamboo forest and past a few small caves you're free to explore.
  3. After the wild swimming hole, carry on to the end of the canyon for some amazing views that shouldn't be missed. You can go another 800 metres to a tarmac road if you wish before turning around or walking back along the tar in a loop, but be warned that there's no shade once you leave the canyon.

Tips for Hiking in Rio Chicamo

  • Bring shoes you're prepared to get wet. Even in July, there are crossings that require you to wade through the cold waters of the river.
  • Bring LOTS of water to drink. Even though there is a lot of shade available here, the Spanish heat is still a killer.
  • You can park at the other end of the hike (GPS coordinates: 38.245812, -1.005893), which is closer to the wild swimming hole and best bits of the canyon. I would still recommend doing the full return hike though to see the peaceful bamboo forest.
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Driving Directions to Rio Chicamo

Rio Chicamo Canyon Hike GPS Coordinates: 38.260098, -1.002393

This is the higher white dot to the right of the A-9. Once in Rio Chicamo, park the car for free on the side of the road. There isn't a lot of space to do so, but as this canyon hike is fairly secret there aren't a lot of cars here even in the peak of summer (we've been in mid-July).

Wild Swimming Hole GPS Coordinates: 38.245812, -1.005893

This is the end marker. There is free roadside parking here as well, but this one is much more packed. Nevertheless, finding a spot is normally without pain as Rio Chicamo is truly a hidden gem near Alicante and Murcia.

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