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Anyone can purchase an advertisement space on any page of Lifelong Vagabonds. However, each ad will always be mentioned as such and there will be a limit of six advertisements per page with a guideline of one ad per paragraph. Pop up ads or any other invasive ads are not allowed so as not to ruin any reader experiences. If at any time, we find the ads paid for have been changed in manner or redirection, then we have the right to remove the ad without notice nor refund.

If you want to advertise a product similar to our niche of free travel attractions, then you also have the option of purchasing a link advertisement. These can ONLY be for similar proucts and will ONLY be for placed on those pages that match it. For example, if you want to advertise your blog post concerning paid attractions in England, then it will only be linked to from one of our posts about England. These will all be screened first and agreed upon at discretion. They will also be linked to via a short excerpt written by us, which we will of course, show you before payment so that any reasonable changes you desire can be made. With 'reasonable' being changes that do not contradict or upset our personal or public integrity.

Advertisement Examples and Costs

Link Advertisement Example: (£50, permanent for the lifetime of the site)

For even more fun things to do here for a bit of cash, then check out this list of 15 Best Things to Do in Valencia by The Crazy Tourist. From UNESCO sites to giant aquariums to bustling markets, this post includes all of the must sees of this historical Spanish city!

All advertisement prices will rise in relation to our DA and unique visitors rate, so for the best price buy now via either one of the top two contact options below!

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