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Help! My US Passport Was Stolen Abroad

30 September 2016 | Mri Grout

Losing your passport abroad is easily one of the most irritating hassles for a traveler, especially since some countries (like the UK *cough cough*) won't allow people to enter on emergency passports. Luckily however, getting a new US passport is relatively easy and the whole process only takes 1-2 weeks (in comparison, getting a new UK passport abroad takes 2-3 MONTHS...)

2. Gather the originals for ID

To get a new US passport abroad you will need one form of picture ID and another of proof of US citizenship in original form if possible. If you cannot gather these for whatever reason, then according to the US Consulate in Barcelona, you will have to prove your identity in an in-person interview. If you're getting original ID documents shipped from home, have them sent in an envelope on their own. This will save cost on both shipping and import fees and it will have a better chance of making it through customs without further hassle.

3. Book an appointment online

*You do not need an appointment for an emergency passport (ie: one that will allow you to travel back to the US within a few days). If you're applying for one, skip to step 5. If not, continue reading below.*

The soonest available slot is normally within a week's time, so try to book as soon as possible. If, however, you book an appointment, but then realize that you cannot make it for whatever reason, DO NOT FORGET TO CANCEL SAID APPOINTMENT. The consequences of failing to do so can be ridiculously severe like being forced to wait another 6 weeks before you can schedule another one.

Though the home page of the US Embassies and Consulates abroad might be in a foreign language, having the website translated into English will most likely always be an option. The people who answer the phones and emails will also communicate in English, so if you haven't learned enough of the foreign language, don't sweat it.

Tip: if you're in the Schengen area of Europe, you can book an appointment in France even though you got robbed in Spain.

4. Print and fill out the required forms

Even though the website may say with all certainty that you need to print off and complete forms DS-11 and DS-64, there is a good chance that you will be required to do it all over again at the actual embassy or consulate in a computer, rendering such print-offs ignored. Such was the case in Paris; they didn't even look at the forms I brought. However, it is still advisable to fill out and print the required forms to get a new US passport for two reasons:

  1. You will have all of the information you need written down. This is especially important because phone usage is not allowed inside and there are guards. Everywhere.
  2. The US Embassy or Consulate you go to might actually require them like their website says. Better to play it safe than have to wait another week before you can try again.
TIP: The US Embassies in France will claim that you need a 26 euro mailing envelope called Chronopost. You DO NOT and the post office DOES NOT do refunds on items bought from another branch...

5. Go to your appointment

It's recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment slot so you will have ample time to make it through security. Large bags are not allowed and if someone is not listed on the appointment or have available photo ID, then they cannot enter. It's more than likely that the guards won't speak any or much English, but once you're past them everyone inside the US Embassy will.

USA passport
Follow the instructions you're given inside; this takes about 2 hours. Pay the fees and then simply wait to hear back on when to pick up your new US passport either by email or phone.

**Further security questions might be required before your new passport can be processed so make sure your contact information on the forms is correct. Not sure if it's always the same question, but I had to say what address I lived at when I applied for my previous passport...which was eight years ago.

6. Pick up your new passport

Uh derr. Lols.

The time it took for the Paris US Consulate to create my passport once it got processed was four days. However, they estimate it will take anywhere between 7-10.