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21 Free Things to do in Andalusia, Spain

21 free things to do andalusia spain

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Andalusia is one of the best (if not 'the' best) place to see wildlife in Spain. The most common creature you'll see here is the sturdy-footed ibex, a wild mountain goat that normally roams with others in small herds.

However, Andalusia has many other free attractions to offer other than an amazing display of nature, such as a stunning display of street art in Granada, a forgotten palace on the edge of the Rio Darro that's very easy to enter (though of course we didn't do that because that would be naughty...), and so many gorgeously designed buildings of old, like the famous Alhambra.

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A Free Day Out in Keswick, England

a free day out in keswick england
The best way to start your free day out in Keswick is to start at its own beginning, which will transport you all the way back to 3000BC. For erected right on its outskirts of Keswick is an ancient stone circle that’s a fantastic alternative (or addition!) to the crowded Stonehenge everyone flocks to down south.

Castlerigg Stone Circle was constructed by the Neolithic people, but for what exact purpose still remains unknown. However, the most popular theory for this particular stone circle was that it was used as a market or trading ground for farmers, which you can read about on the small plaque of information at the entry gate.

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Granada, Spain: Stunning Street Art

Street art in Granada of a sad girl sitting in a tree
I know the fading probably wasn't part of the original idea, but I can't help to see it as a positive addition to this heart-wrenching piece. It adds a new layer for me, a new terrifying and sorrowful layer to an already heart-breaking piece. Here is a girl clearly weighted down with whatever horrors occupy her mind. Here is a girl, sitting on the tree of life that's home to all of these eyes and a bird painted a calming blue. Here is a girl who is sharing her misery in hopes of having it changed into an uplifting spirit. But no such comfort comes, not from the trees nor the eyes nor the laughing bird.

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Granada, Spain: River Hike in Rio Verde

Lifelong Vagabonds at a wild swimming hole on Rio Verde hike in Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama
The Parque Natural Sierras Tejeda Almijara y Alhama, located only an hour south of Granada, is home to some of the most breathtaking canyon hikes in Spain, with our personal favourite being the trail along the Rio Verde. The Spanish name translates to Green River, a name that can easily be understood as soon as you lay eyes on the stunning green and blue hues of its numerous wild swimming holes. However, despite how paradisial and welcoming the Rio Verde hike looks, we would highly recommend that you get back to your car before dark. For on our visit here...

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Free things to do in Europe