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Hostel La Esteponera: An Honest Review

14 June 2016 | Mri Grout

I have not received any benefits from Hostel La Esteponera in La Linea Spain for writing this review. I simply chose this hotel for its ideal location next to the marina (where we wanted to go the next day) and it having the cheapest double room available on 10 June 2016.

Hostel La Esteponera: 4/5 Stars

Reception: 3 stars Wifi: 2.5 stars
Bedroom: 4 starsCleanliness: 4 stars
Bathroom: 5 starsStaff: 2 stars
Living Room: 5 starsLocation: 5 stars
Kitchen: 5 starsPrice: 5 stars

To find out the details of how Hostel La Esteponera got its 4 star rating, then continue reading below.

Reception: 3 Stars

Despite Hotel La Esteponera claiming that it had an English-speaking receptionist, the man’s grasp of the language was minimal at best. Normally I wouldn’t complain given we weren’t in an English-speaking country, but this hostel had failed to provide the services it had advertised on There were some signs in both languages, however, which made things a bit easier, but definitely not as smoothly as an English speaking receptionist would have made it had they kept their promise.

Regardless of the language barrier, though the man was very polite and welcoming as soon as we entered and didn’t look down at us for not knowing Spanish. He took our passpots, showed us to a comfortable couch in front of a TV, and then entered our details into the computer in a relatively quick manner.

A weird but understandably good practice that they do at Hotel La Esteponera, is that whenever you leave the hotel you have to leave your hotel keys at the front desk. This is to stop people from losing them. The only downside I can see to this, however, is that he didn’t seem to check anything when we came back and asked for our room key. Maybe he remembered us from before, maybe not; I don’t know, so that could be something worth knowing before leaving the hostel.

Room: 4 stars

hostel la esteponera twin roomWe booked a double/twin non-smoking bedroom without an ensuite online, but when we got there we found an ashtray in the bedside table’s drawer. Nothing smelled of smoke, however, and I have a pretty good nose when it comes to this as the smell gives me a headache and then nosebleeds if I stay near it for too long. Because of the lack of smell, we didn’t ask for another room – though I doubt we would have gotten one even if we had argued the fact as when I went down and asked for a double room instead of the twin beds we had, he said it wasn’t possible...despite the hotel being nearly emtpy (as in, we seemed to have the whole floor to ourselves kind of empty).

The room itself though was cleaned better than my own one at home and I easily felt comfortable walking around barefeet on its tiles. It wasn’t star shining as there was some grime in the corners, but getting that out is ridiculously hard and doesn’t necessarily mean that area isn’t sanitary. I didn’t feel up for eating off the floors mind you, but nothing stuck to my feet as far as I could tell.

The TV they advertised was fairly useless and not just because of how outdated it was. This was due more to it being situated so high up the wall that we would have to learn how to fly before we could possible watch it at a good enough angle. Easy to tell, we didn’t even bother testing its channels and instead opted for streaming a show via their advertised wifi...except the signal didn’t work at all even in a room on the first floor.

In addition to these annoyances, we weren’t given any towels or shampoos either, though there was a sink with two bars of soap, two hand towels, and a glass cup, and a wardrobe with extra blankets. There was also a fan on the ceiling, but you couldn’t use it without having the light on which was really annoying come night time even with having the two windows open for a breeze. Luckily, however, the noise level on a Friday night in June was acceptable, the beds were fairly comfortable and movable, and the toilets were within two steps of every room, which was all very nice.

The reason I’m giving Hostel La Esteponera 4 stars in the room department instead of a 3 was because even though we had what seemed to be a smoking room, it didn’t smell of that in the slightest – do you know how much cleaning you have to do to get that out!?

Bathroom: 5 stars

hostel la esteponera bathroomDue to the design of the floors, each bedroom is within two steps of a toilet, which is very handy. There were two showers and two toilets for five rooms on each floor, thoughI’m not sure how it would cope in the busy months (July-August) as there wasn’t anywhere to form a queue, but in the slower months of June its setup was very ideal.

The shower-bath was of a good size and the water got hot fairly quickly. The pressure was average, but the shower head was removable which gives it an extra plus.

The sink had a hot and cold nob and they both worked together to give a nice temperature for washing your hands.

The toilet paper wasn’t the cheapest, but probably the next one up (2 ply I think)

The floor here was also clean enough that I again went barefoot, though I did, however, feel the need to squirt the showerhead around the bathrub first before use.

Living Room: 5 stars

Two three person couches sat in front of a good-sized and working TV. There was also a computer available for use, but given I had my own laptop I didn’t bother using it.

It’s relatively small though so the space will undoubtebly feel cramped, but then again it is a fairly small building. Besides, the cosiness just means it’ll be easier to talk to make new friends. (:

Kitchen: 5 stars

The microwave was broken and taped to one setting, but it did still work. There was also a fridge available for use, and some cutlery, cups, plates, and bowls. Free coffee and tea also seemed to be on offer, but the sweetest thing I found was that they cleaned your plates and cups for you. The layout of the tables allowed for easy talking to other guests and in the one night we stayed there we had two different conversations with some friendly, English-speaking strangers.

Wifi: 0 stars in rooms, 5 stars downstairs

Hostel La Esteponera’s wifi connection on the ground floor was way better than I had expected, especially given the lack of use in just one floor above. Sitting at a kitchen table I could watch a 720p video without any buffering, though I was the only one using it at the time so I’m not sure how/if the busy season will affect that.

hostel la esteponera living room hostel la esteponera kitchen
Living RoomKitchen

Cleanliness: 4 stars

  • The floor was good enough to walk barefoot on without making me feel like I needed a shower aferwards; I would be okay with laying on it.
  • Found one dead coachroach near the ground floor stairs that was still there in the morning.

Staff: 2 stars

  • We were relatively quickly booked into a room – though not exactly the one we had asked for.
  • The guy at reception didn’t speak English as advertised, though that’s hardly his fault unless he’s the one that wrote it.
  • They didn’t go out of their way to make our stay feel special and 3 is average with no mess-ups so 2 stars it is.

Location: 5 stars

  • The floor was good enough to walk barefoot on without making me feel like I needed a shower aferwards; I would be okay with laying on it.
  • Found one dead coachroach near the ground floor stairs that was still there in the morning.

Price: 5 stars

  • We paid 25 euros for a room for the two of us.
  • Hostel La Esteponera was cleaner, more accurately advertised, and had friendlier staff (if not as helpful) than other Spanish (and French) hostels at this price.

Would Lifelong Vagabonds Stay Again?

Definitely. This was a lovely place in the heart of La Linea that I would definitely recommend others to stay at – not just due to its cheap price, but also because of it’s fantastic atmosphere, ideal location, and cleanliness.

Have you stayed at Hostel Esteponera in La Linea, Spain? How would YOU rate it? We'd love to hear all about your experience below!