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4 Easy Ways to Save Up Money for Traveling

7 May 2016 | Mri Grout

Do you dream of traveling the world, but don't think you could ever save up enough money to do so? Do you think only the rich are able to afford seeing the heart-stopping jungles of Thailand, the golden beaches of Australia, or the exotic places of South America?

Well, luckily for all of us, that's not true in the slightest. Everyone can afford to travel if they just follow these four easy steps and I'm living proof of that!

1. Cut Back on Most (or All) of the Extras

Cut out the extras and save up for travelingAll that money you put into buying beer and cigarettes or going out to pay-to-enter attractions and fast-food restaurants could all be saved up to travel the world. A one pack a day smoker in the US spends on average around $2000/year on cigarettes, $8500/year in New Zealand. The average drinker in America spends $1200/year on beer - a sum that my husband and I could easily make last for over a month abroad.

But even if you don't drink or smoke or eat out, some part of your money goes to something you don't really need. Like those long hot showers you like to take twice a day, those sodas and snacks that you constantly consume, or those miles that are close enough to walk to with a bit of effort, but of which you still drive to. Figure out what those somethings are, cut back on them, and eventually you too could travel on a budget.

2. Learn to Live Cheaply

Cut out the extras and save up for travelingI don't mean cutting all of the fun stuff or extras out of your budget so that you can travel for longer or further while being miserable and missing out; I mean to learn to look at life and see where those pennies could be comfortably saved. For instance, instead of going out to eat, make a homemade meal and go on a picnic. Instead of paying for a fancy avenue for your wedding, get married on the beach or in a holiday home that's less than half the price. Instead of taking your partner out on an expensive date, go dancing under the stars on a clear moonlit night. Living cheaply does not mean you have to give up the luxuries of life - it just means to shop around before you buy because a lot of deals are out there; they're just not broadcast as loudly or brightly as 'for sale!' signs and '50% off!'

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3. Treat Yourself Every Once in a While

Cut out the extras and save up for travelingSo this might seem like the complete opposite of what I've just told you, but if you take the average person and deny them every luxury in life, then they're going to go crazy and eventually snap - normally in the form of excess splurging. For instance, my first time traveling with an actual good bit of money, I still lived like I had none. Which was fine for the first two years...but then the road gets to you and you want a shower and you want a flat bed and you want some nice freakin' cheese and before you know it you've just blown through $3000 in one month with $500 of that going to some very nice cheese...Yeah, not my proudest budgeting moment...

So every once in a while, treat yourself – just remember to count for this extra in your travel budget!

4. Get a Saving Buddy

Saving buddies!Just like trying to lose weight, trying to save money is a lot easier with a friend. Not only do you naturally try to out compete each other, but you also feel more guilty when you buy things you don't need. For those that aren't sociopaths, guilt is a heavy motivator to you keep on track. Though just be sure not to get an overly obsessive partner where you end up starving to death because you felt too guilty buying food and so you tried to farm it, but didn't know how and accidentally poisoned yourself eating the wrong mushrooms.

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