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12 Creative Gifts For
Travelers Still On the Road

1 December 2016 | Mri & Rob Grout

gifts received while traveling
So the holidays are here, but your much loved friend or family member is still off backpacking around the world and has been adament about not being given anything that would add to their already heavy backpack. Nevertheless, you want to get your traveler a gift that shows you still care about them, but what exactly? After all, what can you get that would beat diving the Great Barrior Reef or hiking the Great Wall of China or any of the other great things that they’re already doing?

Or maybe you’re still traveling with that someone and want to get them something that says just how much you care about them. Because even though they annoy you when they don’t do the dishes when it’s their turn or complain about visiting a place you really want to, you’ve actually really enjoyed traveling with them. However, you don’t want the gift to be big or bulky and definitley not heavy because regardless of how perfect a cork globe would be, making them carry it around all the time would quickly destroy its perfection.

So what is the perfect gift for travelers that are still on the road for this year’s holidays?

If you use any of the affiliate links placed throughout this article, Rob and I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. The products aren't set at a higher price than normal either, but you'll be able to support us in keeping this site alive - which would be a creative and perfect gift for these two travelers for sure!

9. A Professional Haircut

Lifelong Vagabonds with a bad haircut
With 'professional' being the key word here. Rob once made the mistake of accepting my gift of a highly unprofessional haircut for Christmas one year and though I had great fun and the people around us also had great fun, Rob was less enthralled about his new look. In fact, many years later he's still banned me from using any of the photos taken of him in the six months after the fact because it was just that bad.

But when you're on the road, haircuts are an expensive expenditure as $20 is like, four pizzas or a day out depending on where you are. So many travellers cut it themselves (like us!) when really, we'd much prefer a proper haircut.

11. The Sights and Sounds of Home

Lifelong Vagabonds playing airsoft with group of friends back home
This is such a sweet and creative gift for a traveler that's still stuck on the road during the holidays. Being homesick is never fun, but it's even worse during those times when the rest of their family and friends gets together for their yearly celebrations.

So this gift is all about giving travelers a piece of home that ranges from a video of everyone wishing them a happy holidays and a 'I miss you' to a recipe of the speciial family desert (if they have access to a kitchen) to a funny family photo where everyone's crying because they're not there. The ideas for this gift are endless.

12. Invite Them to Follow Lifelong Vagabonds!

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For the gift that keeps on giving, invite them to follow our Facebook Page or sign up to our monthly subscription below for the latest articles!

We'll be covering free attractions all over the world in the years to come so that they can continue traveling for a fraction of the cost. However, they can already discover 100s of free things to do in Australia, including its weird and wonderful natural attractions, places to sightsee iconic animals in the wild, and many hidden gems off the beaten path. There are also numerous free places to visit in Europe and North America already listed, as well as various travel tips to aid both beginner and experienced travelers.

We also try to only promote ethical attractions like the Koala Hospita in Port Macquarie or Camp Leaky in Borneo, so it'll make a great gift for those travelers standing up against tourism abuse.

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So what gift are you going to get for the traveler in your life?